Our neutral or customised self-sticking labels, manufactured using web-fed presses, are well-suited to be overprinted.

The self-adhesive labels we manufacture can be sticked on whatever kind of container ( plastic flasks, glass bottles , etc.) and/or packing.

Saec Self Adhesive Labels is the right choice for the manufacture of:

self-sticking labels for foodstuffs
" for frozen products
" for homeware
" for detergents
(for the house, the body, the car, etc.)
self-sticking labels for lubricants
" for pharmaceuticals
" for chemicals
self-sticking labels for shops
(confectioner's shops, florists, stationery store, jeweller's shops, etc)
" for candy-boxes and gifts in general

Contact us and you'll find out we can be very useful for your business too.

A member of our staff will be at your disposal for suggestions and quotations.

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